In the Blink of an Eye

-Sara Stoud, grade 6

“Can you imagine?” one sixth grader said to another. “We’re going to be in seventh grade next year!”

The 2016- 2017 StJP school year is racing to the finish line. Everyone has been through so much this year–new experiences,  new laughs, and new fun while making new friends, and cherishing  the memories made with them. It is incredible to know that it is already almost June and throughout this time we have created educated minds, that have helped us this year. As the classes grow older, we learn how to cooperate with other people, and take responsibility into our hands. StJP students learned continuously  throughout the year that  love and faith will prevail over all.

Now as the school year comes to a halt, StJP has some exciting activities planned. First, on Tuesday the thirtieth of May, the school will hold their annual spring concert.  The band will play songs, some of which they won first place for when the school went our music trip. band picThe Chorus will sing songs which include a breathtaking piece called “Give me Wings,” sung by the seventh and eighth grade chorus group. Also the chorus will be singing multiple pieces, including an acapella song called “Si Si Kushangalia”  Other pieces consist of a jazzy tune talking about the Underground Railroad, called “The Drinking Gourd.”  Then the Chorus will perform “Homeward Bound” featuring soloists Carter. S and Nora. F.chorus

The day after the concert, Barnes and Nobles will opened its doors for a book fair set up for StJP! There you could find summer reading books for all grades, and some of the treasures that Barnes and Nobles keeps on their shelves. b&N sign

StJP will also be participating in their Field Day! Teams of Blue and Gold colors will race to the end of different games challenges and activities. It is sure to be a day of fun whether Blue or
Gold takes the trophy.field day

As the StJP year comes to a close, it is incredible how much the school has grown and how much each individual has grown in their own way. While StJP says its goodbyes, packs up, and starts to close its doors for the summer, everyone will remember the memories they created, the friends they have made and the love they shared throughout the year. Even as the year has gone by so fast, we must not forget what we have created and the way StJP shows it–through love.

Lost in 100

-a hundred-day story by DP fourth grade reporters

In Glenside, Pennsylvania there were two StJP students named Scott and Terry. They were both in 8th grade, and their dream since they were first graders was to put a StJP flag on the moon. 

One day, they were all ready to go, when they noticed they forgot food. Scott was getting in the rocket ship, as Terry stupidly pressed the launch button on the control panel, thinking it said “lunch!” Then, they went into space in a jiffy.

A little later, the students landed on the moon, but they had run out of fuel. They didn’t know what to do, so they bounced around and put the flag down. Terry wasn’t looking where she was going and she fell down a hole. She had found a ton of cheese! 

Scott got scared because he thought the Terry was hurt. Then Scott remembered that Terry and he had to get back to StJP, so they wouldn’t miss the 100th day of school. He was scared that he was going to miss it and it was his last year. He heard that there were going to be so many fun things to do, all things were related to 100, and he didn’t want to miss it.

Suddenly, Scott got an idea! He thought if they took  all of the cheese in the pit, and put it in the rocket, they could power the rocket. Then, they could make it back to StJP. Terry hopped out of the pit with a big load of cheese and brought it over to the rocket. She put the cheese in the rocket and it worked! 

The rockect headed down to StJP. Scott and Terry were so happy they made it back to StJP and they didn’t miss one single thing for ther 100th day of school.

Ronald Regan, A Great Guy

-Sara S, grade 6

Recently, I have been inspired by a man who has inspired many people before me. His name is Ronald Regan. Regan  made a huge professional switch from an actor, (and a very good one at that) to governor, to President of the United States of America.


(Photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

In sixth grade we have to research someone and get the information on them, so I selected  Up Close: Ronald Regan, Political Star, A Twentieth-century Life by James Sutherland  from the library. After I did the research, I had time to page through the book. I was sucked into the world of Regan’s life and why so many people love him so much. I thought since I loved reading about him in a 229 page book, you could learn why in a short article based on the information from this book.

Ronald Regan was born in the small-town of Dixon, Illinois. He was named Ronald but as he grew older his nickname was Dutch. His father said when he was very young that Regan looked like ” A fat little Dutchman,” and the name stuck with him for most of his life. Jack his father, dealt with severe alcoholism. It is said that children with alcoholic  parents seem to be shy, lonely, and insecure, and for a long while Regan was. Until Regan found a true passion, something that he would keep with him, and love for the rest of his life. This true passion was one simple thing–acting.

Most people do not really think of Ronald Regan as an actor, singing and dancing. People think of him saying a speech in front of a microphone; but he was a very good actor. His English teacher got him interested and Regan loved it ever since. Believe it or not, Regan talked his way into the college! Ronald went to see the dean of students, and after hearing about his financial situation, the dean had him talk to the football coach, who gave him a ninety dollar-a-year scholarship to play football and swim on the swim team. While he was at Eureka, Regan  began participating in a wide range of extracurricular activities. For instance, for two years, he was in the Student Senate, three years as a basketball cheerleader, three years as president of the Eureka Booster Club, and two years as a yearbook features editor. During his last year, he was elected student body President, and captain of the swim team.

Sooner or later Regan needed a job, so he went into the  radio broadcasting business. He became well-known for his sports broadcasts, and was able to call a baseball game like no other. After a  year or two in the broadcasting business, he still wanted to become a big movie star, and he played many important roles that still inspire me today. My favorite character that Regan played  was “The Gipper.” As a big Notre Dame fan,  I find this role inspiring and I love how it was based on a true story. I found it very sympathetic and caring of Regan that he brought his father, who was a very big Notre Dame fan, to the premiere. Regan later wrote that it was the happiest day in his father’s life. When they got back his father said “I was there… when our son became a star.” As Regan kept up with his acting career, he became very interested in politics. Then, something crazy shocked everyone. Since Regan was so interested in the form of politics, he ran for governor.

Regan surprised everyone with his victory and his job switch and loved being the governor of Sacramento, California. After his eight years in office, he decided to run for President. He ran against Jim Carter, and he later wrote many things about how it was to run against the former president. Some people thought Regan was too old, but he could change America and make it a better place. While Jim Carter looked hopeless, Regan had a calm, laid-back personality which made America feel safe. Regan was sworn in on January 20, 1981 and made a big impact on America.

From all the videos and research I  have found,  He made the Americans  feel safe, he got us through the tough times, he made us laugh until we cry, and his quotes inspired us. He made our country think as he did that, ” Life is one big song, so start the music.”




Catholic Schools: Challenging Academics and Activities Along with the Gift of Faith

(Editor’s note: One of our staff reporters, Jenn M., spoke on behalf of Catholic Schools and StJP at Immaculate Conception’s 5 pm Mass on Saturday, January 28th. Below is her speech.)

Good Evening. My name is Jenn, and I am an 8th grader at Saint Joseph the Protector School. I have enjoyed Catholic education for the past 9 years, and my years in Catholic school have truly been a blessing.

The Catholic education I have received has helped me strive for excellence in my classes and in my extracurricular activities. For instance, I have been challenged in my Honor’s math course by learning a 9th grade algebra course. In my ELA class, I have been assigned to read some classic novels, such as Lord of the Flies, The Hobbit, and The Screwtape Letters. For the past four years, the education I have received at StJP has helped me to achieve academic excellence. I also was given the opportunity to become a member of the National Junior Honor Society, a society based on service, good academic standings, and a well rounded character. I have been stimulated by extracurriculars such as the band, jazz band, chorus, Reading Olympics, and the school musical. Through these programs, I meet other students in my school in different grades and get to learn about subject matters that children in some schools may never get to experience. I learned how to play clarinet and tenor saxophone for band. Through the band program, I have also had the chance to audition for the Archdiocesan Honor Band, which I am proud to say I received first chair. St. Joseph the Protector always sends the most students, and this year is no exception! While participating in this activity, I had the chance to meet students from all different schools in the archdiocese who have an interest in instrumental music and like to be challenged by harder music.

Along with challenging me in academics and extracurricular activities, my Catholic education has brought me the greatest gift of all, my faith. Through my middle school years, I have learned about the Old Testament, the beginnings of our beliefs. I have also learned about the New Testament, the birth of our Savior and his saving ministry. This year, I am learning about the history of the Church, beginning with Pentecost. I will also be studying morality. I am able to practice my faith every week by going to Mass with my class. I am freely able to profess what I believe because I am at a Catholic school. Besides learning about God and my faith, Saint Joseph the Protector has also given me the chance to serve others. Through our Helping Hands program, I have had the chance to make the lives of cancer patients easier. We make cards for them and put together blessing bags filled with snacks. I have also participated in group service projects where we made casseroles for the homeless men finding refuge at St. John’s Hospice.

As you can see, my years in Catholic school have been a real blessing. I have been well-prepared in my classes, I have had so much fun in my after school activities, and I have learned about the love of Christ by serving others. Most importantly, however, I have been a part of a close-knit family during my years of Catholic education, a family who has helped me be my best self.

Thank you for listening to me this evening, and I hope you continue to support and pray for the wonderful gift of Catholic schools. We cannot do it without you!

StJP Hosts Open House!


-Jenn M., grade 8

To kickstart Catholic Schools Week, StJP held an open house this Sunday, January 29th. We want to show off how StJP is the place to be! It was open for anyone to come in and explore our great school!

One  highlight of the open house was our fabulous band program. The jazz band played in the gym for everyone to hear. Our decorating skills were also on display, showing all the classroom doors that had been designed for a CSW contest. Anyone who walked through the classrooms witnessed the creativity of StJP students! The library and computer lab were open as well. The 3D printer rcsw-logoecently fixed by three eighth graders, Regan L., Duncan M., and Owen D., was in the computer lab for all to see!

The open house began at 10:30, right after the opening Mass for Catholic Schools Week. Colin L., an eighth grader, spoke about why he personally likes StJP. A bake sale, held after the Mass, supported the eighth grade trip to New York City.

Thanks to all the students, teachers, and helpers who made our Open House a great start to Catholic Schools’ Week!

Three Reasons to Join the Spring Musical

-Mary Kate M., grade 8

Editor’s note: This week StJP students have the opportunity to audition for the annual spring musical. A Daily Protector reporter and  actress shares her thoughts on the experience.

Students who decide to become part of StJP’s spring musical probably have a variety of reasons why they want to join the cast and crew. Below are three, simple and straight-forward reasons for being part of this great activity.


Pictured above: Some of the cast from last spring’s production of Beauty and the Beast.

  1. Experience: The minute you step backstage you feel joyful, as you see the cast gathered around in groups, laughing and playing games with one another. During rehearsals, the cast are not afraid to be themselves. While preparing the musical, the cast plays games that help them learn, but also gives everyone  a good laugh or two. “The school musical is so much fun. It is a place where we can learn and grow, not only musically, but as people,” commented eighth grader, Jenn M.
  2. Improving Theater Skills: Throughout rehearsals, you learn more and more about how to put on a breathtaking production.  Cast members are also taught by director Miss Cherewaty how to use theater terms. For example, if a stage manager says, “You’re on in two minutes,” you respond with “Thank you, two.” This is just one of the many examples that teach the cast more about theater in general.
  3. Family: The moment you sign up for the musical, you become part of a family. Throughout this amazing experience, not only do you get to have fun with your friend, but you get to meet new people. After a while, you know these people so well. By opening night, you are not just friends, you are not just actors, you are a family, sharing this wonderful experience together.  A cast members noted, “Joining the play was a great way for me to hang out with my other friends, but a great way to make new ones.”

Consider being a part of the spring musical here at StJP!

Bucktooth Chicken: Happy Holidays

-Tyler Woods, grade 5


It was Christmas Eve on the farm, and Silly Goose was telling a Christmas story to Bucktooth Chicken and Roasted Rooster.

“Twas the night before Christmas and all through the farm, nothing was stirring except for Farm-Bot who was  making a smoothie.”

“Uh, I don’t think these are the correct words,” said Bucktooth Chicken.

“Sure they are! just sit back and relax,” said Silly Goose. He continued.

“The stockings were hung on the neighbors’ trash cans with care, in the hopes that Punxsutawney  Phil would soon be there.”

“OK, this is even worse than Scooter Squirrel!” said Roasted Rooster.

“The pigs were all nestled all snug in their beds with visions of cheese curls dancing in their heads.”

Bucktooth and R.R looked at each other, rolling their eyes.

“And Tinkerbell in her kerchief and I in my fire helmet, had just settled in for a long Saint Patrick’s Day party,” he continued.

“Is this even published?” asked Bucktooth Chicken.

“When out from the Bahamas there arose  such a clatter. I sprang from my Honda to see what was the matter. Away to my telescope I flew like the Flash. Then Superman fed me a lobster for my hard work.”

“This book isn’t even rhyming!” yelled Roasted Rooster.

“The Bat Signal was shining on the ground. Sorry the next page got ripped out of the book,” Silly Goose said.

“Who wrote this? What does Tinkerbell and Batman have to do with Christmas?!”yelled Bucktooth Chicken.

“Then Santa magically teleported to my lawn and yelled – Now, Nutty! Now, Spottie! Now Brownie! On Sneezie! On Tuffy and Chubbie!”

“Those are squirrels–not reindeer!!” yelled Roasted Rooster.

“This part of the story is kinda fuzzy but we all know how Figgy The Fabulous Flying Feline saved Davy Crockett in Star Wars, so there is no point in telling you again,” he answered.

“What is he even talking about??” whispered Bucktooth Chicken.

“No clue” said Roasted Rooster.

“As I was flexing my mussels in the mirror, Punxsutwney Phil crashed down the chimney and magically transformed into Scooby Doo.”

“Why am I still listening to this?” asked Bucktooth Chicken.

“Scooby filled all the stockings to the brim, which made all of his monkey elves appear! They hung up a disco ball and turned the radio on. They sang and danced all night until all of the neighbors called the cops because of their racket.”

“When the police appeared Scooby sprang to the roof and whistled to the squirrels and they then soared out of  sight and yelled-

“Stop, just stop,”said B.C. “This is the worst version of The Night Before Christmas I’ve ever heard!”

“This isn’t the night before Christmas,” said Silly Goose. “This is a dream I had the night before Christmas!”

Just then Farm-Bot said, “Uh, do any of you know who’s the giant groundhog with a Santa hat that came down the chimney?”

Hearing this, Bucktooth Chicken fainted.

Merry Christmas to all from the Farm!!!


”I sure hope Clement C. Moore will hear this!” exclaimed Roasted Rooster.