The Farmer and the Carrot

 -Nicholas D. Grade 4, illustration by Eamon F., grade 8

One day, a farmer named Joe from Pine Creek Valley planted some special carrot seeds. The seeds were special because the carrots were supposed to grow really large and orange. Farmer Joe needed a good crop of carrots to pay for the repairs to his barn and fence. He watered the carrots with a special serum he developed every day for several weeks. Finally, they started to grow, except for one row. Instead, only one of the carrots in that row was growing, and it was humongous! It was as if the carrot was eating all of the other carrots in the row.

One night, Farmer Joe heard a strange sound outside. When he looked out the window, he saw something orange floating around the field. He couldn’t believe his eyes. The humongous carrot was eating the fertilizer and drinking the water in the barn! The more the carrot ate, the bigger it got. After eating everything in the barn, it started floating toward the house.

The farmer was so scared that he tried to call the police, but the carrot knocked down the electricity polls. The shock struck the carrot and made it grow eyes, legs, and arms. When the transformation stopped, the carrot looked at the farmer and started screaming. Farmer Joe began screaming as well. The carrot was so surprised that the farmer started screaming that he stopped. He turned to the farmer and said, “Hello.”

The farmer didn’t know what to do, so he simply said “Hello” back.

The carrot started asking him all types of questions. Farmer Joe invited the carrot into his house. They talked for hours about how to grow the best carrots so that the farmer could get the money he needed. By the end of the day, Farmer Joe and the carrot had become veggie friends.

Later that evening, while Farmer Joe was getting ready for bed, he noticed that the door to his safe was open. When he went to check the door, he saw that half of the serum he used to water the carrots was gone. He went to ask the carrot if he had seen the serum. The carrot was on the porch watching someone running to his truck. Farmer Joe squinted and couldn’t believe his arch-nemesis and neighbor, Farmer Faker, was on his farm.

The carrot started screaming, “He took the serum!” Farmer Faker just laughed and jumped in his truck. Back at his farm, Farmer Faker used the serum on his beets. He wanted to grow the best beet so he could beat Farmer Joe in at least one harvest contest.

Farmer Joe and the carrot hopped inside his truck and started chasing Farmer Faker. However, they were too late. Farmer Faker had already used the serum. The carrot told Farmer Joe to leave to make sure nobody saw him, so they left and returned to their farm. Farmer Joe didn’t know what to do. He didn’t want Farmer Faker to create a large beet that could walk and talk. He thought about sneaking up on his farm and destroying his beets, but that wouldn’t be a nice thing to do. He was so upset. Finally, the carrot told him not to worry. The carrot explained that he only came to life because Farmer Joe cared about his carrots so much. It was because he took such good care of them, that he wanted to come and take care of him, so he would have someone to talk to.


Earth, you can’t spell it without ART

-an editorial by Sara S. grade 6

Featuring art created by Daily Protector staff writers.

You can’t spell our home planet, Earth, without “art.” Art makes our world complete and colorful. The world would be dull and blank without the fine essence of colors and lines.

We must always respect art in all of its beautiful ways. It is in everything we draw paint, or color, and everything created is beautiful and original in its own ways. Art makes our world go round, and our happiness in this life comes from the beauty and the love of art.


-Mary Kate M., grade 8


-Megan M., grade 6


-Jamie K., grade 4


-Ella W., grade 4

Nothing could be complete without the shapes, designs, and patterns we make and deliver in our own fresh way. We always need to be respectful and mindful of our pieces of art, and not take them for granted. Everything we do and share, draw, and create in our busy and scheduled lives revolves around art. It is the center of our lives and the center of our EARTH.

Lively Little Flowers

-article and illustration by Megan M., grade 6

StJP graduate, 16-year-old Julia Mayro has recently restarted a program called Little Flowers. Little Flowers is a Catholic girls club. Girls in grades 1-4 are invited to explore their faith using arts and crafts and story telling. Julia restarted the program because she wanted to teach other girls in the same way she learned about the faith. Girls from any parish may join.

Every third Friday of the month, Little Flowers takes place in Conahan Hall at Immaculate Conception Church from 3:30 to 5:00. They have snacks during the program, and volunteer chaperones are always welcome.

“… it gave an interest in the faith,” Julia commented,”and I wanted other girls to have the same experience.”

The next Little Flowers meeting is December 16th from 3:30-5 pm in Immaculate Conception’s Conahan Hall. To register, email Ms. McGuigan at and fill out the two these two forms: registration-and-medical-form-for-little-flowers-club-2little-flowers-pick-up-form


The Legend of Scooter the Squirrel

By Tyler Woods grade 5

It was a cold dark night at the Brown farm. The squirrels had come to visit for Mr. Peanut’s birthday, a big holiday for squirrels. Bucktooth Chicken and Roasted Rooster couldn’t care less about a giant peanut’s birthday, but the squirrels promised to bring cake, so the birds were in for it. The squirrels arrived in the peanut mobile and of course, crashed into the newly repaired windmill.

‘Sorry if we made a scratch in the windmill,” said Nutty.

“Hey, where did you get that?” asked Bucktooth Chicken.

“Oh, you know. Found it at a parade. We decided to take it for a test run…..4 years ago. We forgot it wasn’t ours,” said Spottie.

The squirrels started to empty their party stuff and told the birds to all go and relax.”We’ll take care of everything,” Nutty said with a wink.

Silly Goose thought he saw someone else in the giant peanut mobile and asked “Hey who’s the new guy?”

Nutty said, “You guys must really be tired if you are seeing things!” They all headed into the barn.

After a few minutes, the squirrels yelled that it was okay to eat. When the birds did, their mouths dropped.

”WHAT….IS…..THIS ?????!!!!!” yelled Roasted Rooster.

The squirrels seated the birds and introduced to them what they were going to have: peanut punch, nut soup, peanut casserole, niceties, and for dessert, peanut cake with peanut butter frosting.

“Well, I think I’m done for the night,” said Farm-Bot as he rolled away.

The birds tried to eat the food, but it was just disgusting. Even watching the squirrels eat their food was disgusting. Then, all of a sudden, the door creaked open.

“What was that?” asked Bucktooth Chicken.

“The wind……I hope,” said Roasted Rooster.

When dinner was over, the squirrels asked, “Do you want to play some party games?”

“Yeah- uh, did you just poke me?” asked Silly Goose.

“Why would I poke you-Bucktooth Chicken, would you stop poking me!,” exclaimed Roasted Rooster.

“No!!!!! I did not poke you!” Bucktooth Chicken answered, but then he got poked.

The birds glared at the squirrels. “Which one of you is it?!”

The squirrels put their hands up. “It’s not us!”

“Did you see that?” asked Silly Goose.

Just then the lights flickered and went out!

Bucktooth Chicken lit some candles, as the room got brighter the birds and squirrels all looked right at Chubby and screamed!

“What?” he asked.

Nutty calmly said ” You–you– your not eating anything…We thought you were dead!”

“No, I just lost my appetite after I picked up that rat.”scooter-squirrel-001

“Rat, I don’t have rats in my house,” replied Roasted Rooster. “What did it look like?”

“It was skinny, really skinny, with a bushy tail like ours,” he said.

Spotty and Nutty looked at each other and yelled out, “Scooter!!”

Bucktooth Chicken was about to ask what a Scooter was, but before he could the giant shadow of a sword carrying squirrel appeared on the wall!  The birds all ran for the door knocking everything over!

“STOP!”yelled Nutty.”It’s just our great-great-great-great Grandfather Scooter…well sort of….it’s his ghost, actually.”

“Wwwwwwhat do you mean?” yelled Silly Goose, frightened.

“There is no such thing as ghosts, right?” said Roasted Rooster.

“There’s such thing as Scooter all right.”said Brownie.

“Yeah!” said Sneezy.”Whenever the moon is at brightest and shaped like an acorn, he rises!!”

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN??” asked Farm-Bot.

“Scooter Squirrel is very famous. He was a war hero. He was the only squirrel killed during the Civil War. At night, he rides all around on his rat skeleton .”

“What..that’s ridiculous,” said Bucktooth Chicken. “How did he get killed? In battle?”

“Sort of , he died as he tried to gather nuts for all the others that were hiding in the trees.” said Nutty.

“Yeah, right,” said Bucktooth Chicken, but then he got poked in his side and started to shake.

“What about the rat? Did he die in the battle?” asked Farm-Bot.

Tuffy replied, “Of course not, he just choked on a bone while eating dinner.”

The birds didn’t know what to do as they all shook in the corner. Were they all doomed?

Roasted Rooster finally said, “I’ve heard of him, he rode his rat into Boston to warn them right?”

“Uh, that was Paul Revere” said Brownie. The birds kept on shaking.

“Stop shaking,” said Nutty. “He’s just trying to get your attention and have some fun, it’s humans he really goes after.”

“I got an idea!” said Bucktooth Chicken.

“Oh, no!” worried Roasted Rooster.

Just then, the tractor rolled in the driveway and its lights lit up the area.

The Farmer started to yell and scream that the windmill was damaged again, when he caught a terrifying glimpse of the ghostly squirrel riding his skeleton rat towards him.

Bucktooth thought, Oh boy, here we go again, as the farmer ran back down the road screaming.

The Squirrels, who all had run out to watch their spooky relative do his thing, slowly turned towards the birds and in a scratchy voice all yelled….

”HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course, Silly Goose  asked,”What about Mr. Peanut’s Birthday?


Little Joe’s: Preschool at StJP

-anonymous Daily Protector staff writer

We all know  that  St. Joseph the Protector has a school  for grades K-8, but what about  preschool?  The preschool program is called  Little  Joe’s. At Little  Joe’s, held in the Jenkintown building on West Avenue,  they have  preschool  classes for  2  year olds to  4 year olds.

The  preschoolers, our “Little Joe’s,” have a lot of fun. They  take field  trips, and when  they choose  to  stay  for  lunch,  they eat in a cafeteria  just  like  us. The preschool hosts events  such  as  Touch  a Truck.

The students have  so much  fun  drawing  with  chalk, playing  on the  playground, and  so much  more. They make  friends, carry  them  to  Kindergarten, and keep  them  until  8th  grade.

Little  Joe’s  teachers make  sure  that their students get  all the  academics  they need for  Kindergarten. They  participate  in tag days, and can  participate  in  Breathing  Room  activities as well  as  Just Fight Foundation  activities.

During the spring school musical, the main  characters visited Little  Joe’s and  sang songs as well  as  danced. In the spring, the preschoolers also  participated  in  Field  Day. They  do fun activities, and interact with  people  younger and older.

Little  Joe’s  has had visits from  fire fighters and police officers  who came to the school to talk about  saftey and  protection. They  practice  fire drills  in case there is ever an emergency.

At Little  Joe’s, the  students  are always  safe and  protected. Whether  they are 2 years olds or 4 years old, these students are an important part of  StJP.

For more information  visit


New Teachers on the Block

-Sara S., grade 6

We all know there are many new students here at StJP, but what about the the new teachers? There are four new teachers, so let’s meet them!

Mrs. Swdevineeney loves it here at StJP. She finds it very welcoming and friendly. At first, she was little nervous about taking on a middle school setting, but she finds her new 7th grade homeroom comfortable. She is enjoying the grades she teaches vey much. Mrs. Sweeney teaches math for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students and is very fond of it. Over all, she feels welcome and one of the crowd.

Mr.Baldasano is also a new teacher here, and he is a 6th grade homeroom teacher this year. He loves it at StJP! Mr.Baldasano teaches 7th and 8th grade ELA, and he loves the subjects and tjeff-200x150he students he teaches. A fun fact about Mr. Baldasano is that he is also a huge Star Wars fan and can talk about the books and movies for hours! He finds the people at StJP very friendly and that they have welcomed him with open arms. He is happy with the middle school setting, and his encouraging words to students (via Star Wars) is, “Do or do not, there is no try.”

samMs.McGinley is the new, friendly 6th grade ELA teacher. She encourages her students in a “stress free zone,” by showing them that school can be a fun environment. She has the
students work together in group activities where they have a good time learning. Every day Ms.McGinley starts the class with a journal to get her students’ creative juices flowing. She remarked, ELA is my favorite subject so why can’t I make it fun?

Ms.McGinley is enjoying her time here at StJP so far, and is looking forward to the upcoming year. She encourages her students and has a good time with them. She noted,
“Being the new teacher on the block isn’t too bad.”

Mrs.Burkholder is the new librarian here at StJP. Some students may already know her
since her oldest child is in 6th grade, her middle child in 4th, and her second youngest child is in 1st grade. Mrs.Burkholder loves teaching and loves the library setting.
She told The Daily Protector, “Sister Sondra and Mrs. Ortaloni have made this [experience] amazing!” She loves being the new librarian here and loves to teach. Mrs.
Burkholder is in the library for every grade, but for 6th grade, she holds a study skills class, helping the students prepare for tests and stay organized. Mrs. Burkholder loves to read, and encourages her students to do the same.erin

StJP has 4 new teachers on the block who love it here and are having a great time as well. Be sure to say hello to our new faces on the faculty!


Jim and Tim, Day 1

-a continuing story by scanJamie K., grade 4

Jim and Tim are pretty much ordinary people, except that they save the day.  They live in an underground sewer, and when they need to get up, they have the Once Here then There machine.

One day, Tim was walking and saw a store being robbed. He ran, he jumped, and he broke his arm!  The ambulance came and took Tim to the hospital. Later that day Jim came to see Tim, but he wasn’t there!

Jim went to the window to see if he could see Tim, and he saw a person kidnapping him. Jim jumped out the window and chased after the kidnapper, but it was too late. The kidnapper drove away in his car! Jim ran and ran and ran, and then, he found the kidnapper’s secret cave!

The kidnapper locked Tim in a cage, pulled a lever, and his cage rose high in the air with all the other hundreds of heros! Jim was so mad. He ran in, locked the kidnapper in a cage, and freed all the other heros, including Tim.

Jim and Tim went back to their sewer and hung out there for the rest of the day.