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Editorial: The Conflicting Christmas Crazies

– Caitlin F. Grade 7 When I hear the word “Christmas,” I think of things such as presents, Santa Claus, and snow.  As a Christian, I shouldn’t be focused so much on the material things of Christmas but on the religious meaning of the holiday.  The meaning of Christmas for me is that God has now […]

Editorial: The Conflicting Christmas Crazies

-Julia M. , grade 7 Do material things add to the religious meaning of Christmas? As you drive down the road during the weeks leading to Christmas, look around. Reindeer figures, blinking lights, and Nativity scenes crowd lawns. Through windows you can see beautifully decorated Christmas trees. The only shows on television are Christmas specials […]

Rosy Finkle’s Adventures: Christmas

-Margaux R. grade 5 There was just two days till Christmas, and Rosy Finkle couldn’t wait until Christmas Day. Rosy loves the holidays, especially Christmas. She loved to help those less fortunate, and those who don’t have the Christmas spirit. It was Rosy’s Christmas goal to give more than to receive. Rosy started with her […]

‘Tis the Season to be Jolly…

-a group report by the Daily Protector staff, students in grades 5-8 Yule love all the Christmas spirit at Saint Joseph the Protector school! Decorations are up, concerts are scheduled, and Saint Nicholas might make an appearance. But with all the preparations for Christmas at StJP, you will never forget the reason for the season. […]

Snow Day

-Jennifer M., grade 5 Molly woke up on a cold Tuesday morning. She groaned when she looked at the clock. It was 8:00 and she should have already been out the door, walking to school with her friends Lexi and Olivia. She started towards her closet, furiously yanking out her plaid jumper and a plain […]

Rosy Finkles’ Adventures: The Snowman Contest

-Margaux R., grade 5 After leaving her mom to find a parking space, Rosy ran over to her friends Sarah, Michael, and Lucy. Sarah asked, ”Did you bring the scarf?” Rosy put out her hand to show her the scarf with pink with blue polka dots. They all smiled and finished the snowman together. Shortly […]

StJP Band Students Selected for Archdiocesan Bands

-Jennifer M., grade 5 On Sunday, November 3, 2013 students from all different schools auditioned for the Philadelphia Archdiocesan Honor and Festival bands. Only a select number of students were chosen for these bands. These students will spend many Sunday afternoons practicing and preparing for their upcoming concerts. Congratulations to Julia M., Grace M., Siobhan […]