Ronald Regan, A Great Guy

-Sara S, grade 6 Recently, I have been inspired by a man who has inspired many people before me. His name is Ronald Regan. Regan  made a huge professional switch from an actor, (and a very good one at that) to governor, to President of the United States of America. In sixth grade we have to […]

Have You Ever Wondered…..

-Sean M., grade 4 Have you ever wondered how much money it would cost if you actually bought all the gifts in the famous song The 12 Days of Christmas? Well, you can stop!   Prices:   Partridge: $25 Pear tree: $189.99 A partridge in a pear tree: $214.99 Two turtle doves: $290 Three french […]

StJP Student Experience: A Holy Way to End the Day

-an essay by Liam O., grade 5, special to the Daily Protector Do you ever think back to something that happened to you that was awesome, and it was just pure luck? You know, those moments when you were at the right place at the right time? Well, that happened to me when I went […]

Miss Alyssa Cherewaty, Inspired to Share Her Passion for Music

-Mary Kate M., grade 7   Miss Alyssa Cherewaty is St. Joseph the Protector’s really fun music teacher who loves what she teaches. Miss Cherewaty said that her music teachers from her childhood inspired her to become a teacher. She commented, “I love being a music teacher because it gives me an opportunity to share my passion with […]

What Makes You You?: A Look at Genetics

by: Caitlin F. , grade 8 Have you ever thought about how special you are? Sure, your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and teachers have probably told you that you are special at least a hundred times, but you are so much more than special. You are a miracle! With a little help from an article […]

The New Year’s Newsies: Is it Really Worth It?

by: Caitlin F.  Grade 8 “…3…2…1…HAPPY NEW YEAR!”  The sound of pots and pans, clanging loudly in the dark of night, travels ferociously on the crisp, January breeze.  Fireworks boom and illuminate the pitch black sky with their brilliant colors, exploding in celebration of the New Year ahead.  The New Year is certainly a time […]

Fascinating Teacher Feature: First Grade Fun with Ms. Meghan Guerin

by: Caitlin F.  Grade 7 A Note to our Readers: Julia Mayro and I sent a questionnaire to the StJP faculty asking them a variety of random questions that we had compiled. We received some AMAZING responses and, with their permission, we are sharing their responses with you. Here is our second feature. Mrs. Gindhart’s first grade partner, Ms. […]

Teacher Talks: Stories from our Teachers

-Julia M. grade 7 Have you ever wondered what goes through a teacher’s mind throughout the school year? Have you ever considered the obstacles they face? Three teachers from St. Joseph the Protector shared their insight on some classroom challenges. They shared hilarious tales of pen clicking, Terra Nova testing (yes, it is torture for […]

The Stupendous Ms. Stockert!

-Jennifer M., grade 5 A woman sits at a desk doing work in the Honors Math room, or is standing at the white board, demonstrating a math problem to the class. You might imagine that she is just the Honors Math teacher, but you are wrong. She is the stupendous, super, superlative, swell and not […]

Fantastic Fashion: My Day at the Beach

-Jordan F., grade 7 Hello everyone. Sorry it has been a while since my last post, but I have some new fashion news about what to wear to the beach.  The beach is a hot spot for vacations so I want to make sure everyone looks good.   Full piece bathing suits are one type of suit […]