Lost in 100

-a hundred-day story by DP fourth grade reporters

In Glenside, Pennsylvania there were two StJP students named Scott and Terry. They were both in 8th grade, and their dream since they were first graders was to put a StJP flag on the moon. 

One day, they were all ready to go, when they noticed they forgot food. Scott was getting in the rocket ship, as Terry stupidly pressed the launch button on the control panel, thinking it said “lunch!” Then, they went into space in a jiffy.

A little later, the students landed on the moon, but they had run out of fuel. They didn’t know what to do, so they bounced around and put the flag down. Terry wasn’t looking where she was going and she fell down a hole. She had found a ton of cheese! 

Scott got scared because he thought the Terry was hurt. Then Scott remembered that Terry and he had to get back to StJP, so they wouldn’t miss the 100th day of school. He was scared that he was going to miss it and it was his last year. He heard that there were going to be so many fun things to do, all things were related to 100, and he didn’t want to miss it.

Suddenly, Scott got an idea! He thought if they took  all of the cheese in the pit, and put it in the rocket, they could power the rocket. Then, they could make it back to StJP. Terry hopped out of the pit with a big load of cheese and brought it over to the rocket. She put the cheese in the rocket and it worked! 

The rockect headed down to StJP. Scott and Terry were so happy they made it back to StJP and they didn’t miss one single thing for ther 100th day of school.

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