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Blackstar: File 3

a continuing story by Luke W., grade 6 I was so surprised my mouth wouldn’t work. Who was this guy and why did he care why I was on this island? But most of all, why did he look like if I made one wrong move, he would personally throw me into the ocean? “I’m […]

Rosy Finkle’s Adventures: Rosy Wins the Gold

-Margaux R.,  grade 5 When Rosy was only 3-years-old, when she decided she wanted to be in the Junior Olympics. She started training when she was only 7-years-old. Her coach Nannsie trained her for the best sport there is–Track & Field! Rosy tried out for the Junior Olympics when she was 8, but did not […]

I Wonder…

-Caitlin F.  grade 7 On Sunday, my mom had to go out and get cookies for a party.  She told my siblings and me that she would get each of us some type of dessert.  My sister asked for a Boston Cream doughnut and I thought, “Why are they called Boston Cream doughnuts?”   “What […]