In the Blink of an Eye

-Sara Stoud, grade 6 “Can you imagine?” one sixth grader said to another. “We’re going to be in seventh grade next year!” The 2016- 2017 StJP school year is racing to the finish line. Everyone has been through so much this year–new experiences,  new laughs, and new fun while making new friends, and cherishing  the memories made […]

Lost in 100

-a hundred-day story by DP fourth grade reporters In Glenside, Pennsylvania there were two StJP students named Scott and Terry. They were both in 8th grade, and their dream since they were first graders was to put a StJP flag on the moon.  One day, they were all ready to go, when they noticed they […]

Ronald Regan, A Great Guy

-Sara S, grade 6 Recently, I have been inspired by a man who has inspired many people before me. His name is Ronald Regan. Regan  made a huge professional switch from an actor, (and a very good one at that) to governor, to President of the United States of America. In sixth grade we have to […]

Catholic Schools: Challenging Academics and Activities Along with the Gift of Faith

(Editor’s note: One of our staff reporters, Jenn M., spoke on behalf of Catholic Schools and StJP at Immaculate Conception’s 5 pm Mass on Saturday, January 28th. Below is her speech.) Good Evening. My name is Jenn, and I am an 8th grader at Saint Joseph the Protector School. I have enjoyed Catholic education for […]

StJP Hosts Open House!

  -Jenn M., grade 8 To kickstart Catholic Schools Week, StJP held an open house this Sunday, January 29th. We want to show off how StJP is the place to be! It was open for anyone to come in and explore our great school! One  highlight of the open house was our fabulous band program. The jazz band played in the gym […]

Three Reasons to Join the Spring Musical

-Mary Kate M., grade 8 Editor’s note: This week StJP students have the opportunity to audition for the annual spring musical. A Daily Protector reporter and  actress shares her thoughts on the experience. Students who decide to become part of StJP’s spring musical probably have a variety of reasons why they want to join the cast […]

Bucktooth Chicken: Happy Holidays

-Tyler Woods, grade 5   It was Christmas Eve on the farm, and Silly Goose was telling a Christmas story to Bucktooth Chicken and Roasted Rooster. “Twas the night before Christmas and all through the farm, nothing was stirring except for Farm-Bot who was  making a smoothie.” “Uh, I don’t think these are the correct […]

The Farmer and the Carrot

 -Nicholas D. Grade 4, illustration by Eamon F., grade 8 One day, a farmer named Joe from Pine Creek Valley planted some special carrot seeds. The seeds were special because the carrots were supposed to grow really large and orange. Farmer Joe needed a good crop of carrots to pay for the repairs to his […]

Earth, you can’t spell it without ART

-an editorial by Sara S. grade 6 Featuring art created by Daily Protector staff writers. You can’t spell our home planet, Earth, without “art.” Art makes our world complete and colorful. The world would be dull and blank without the fine essence of colors and lines. We must always respect art in all of its […]

Lively Little Flowers

-article and illustration by Megan M., grade 6 StJP graduate, 16-year-old Julia Mayro has recently restarted a program called Little Flowers. Little Flowers is a Catholic girls club. Girls in grades 1-4 are invited to explore their faith using arts and crafts and story telling. Julia restarted the program because she wanted to teach other girls […]