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Teacher Talks: Stories from our Teachers

-Julia M. grade 7 Have you ever wondered what goes through a teacher’s mind throughout the school year? Have you ever considered the obstacles they face? Three teachers from St. Joseph the Protector shared their insight on some classroom challenges. They shared hilarious tales of pen clicking, Terra Nova testing (yes, it is torture for […]

Part three: Rosy Finkle’s Adventures, The Snowman Contest

-Margaux R. Grade 5 Rosy froze, her mind racing with worry! What was she going to do? Then she thought, I can just go back inside and grab a regular scarf. But when she looked out the car window to see if they were still in her driveway, it was too late–she was already on her […]

A Masterpiece in the Making

– by Caitlin Fitzpatrick, grade 7 In Father Fitzpatrick Hall on a Tuesday or Thursday after school, you will find much more than a group of St. Joseph the Protector students.  There is a talented and dedicated cast working tirelessly to make their show the best in the history of the One Act Play Program.  The […]

Part two: Rosy Finkle’s Adventures

A continuing fictional story by Margaux R. grade 5 Rosy was so anxious to say yes, she screamed it out loud! The whole room went quiet, then everything went back to normal. Rosy said yes again, this time a little more quiet. ”Great” said Michael,”then we’ll meet Saturday morning at 8:30. Oh, and make sure […]