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Meet the Press: Aspiring Photographer Tara R

-Graceanne C., grade 6 Meet Tara R.. In her spare time she likes to sing, read, play on her iPod, and play with her sister. Tara hasn’t written for The Daily Protector yet, but she is working on a photo essay and has been a faithful contributor to our Thursday staff meetings. Her new idea for […]

Meet the Press: Oh! The Places That Nina Violi Will Go!

-Owen B., grade 6 Nina Violi is a seventh grade student here at Saint Joseph the Protector School. Besides from being a middle school student, Nina is a dedicated reporter at The Daily Protector. Everyone can agree that Nina Violi has an exciting future ahead for her! For The Daily Protector, Nina enjoys writing about […]

Meet the Press: A Bright Future Ahead for Reporter Emma Foley

Editor’s note: Meet the Press is our new column which will feature the personalities of the reporters behind The Daily Protector. -Nina V., grade 7 Emma Foley is an excellent student here at Saint Joseph the Protector School. She is in Honors Math and other activities such as Forensics, Band, Altar Serving, and a writer […]

Super Bowl 47, a Game of Surprises

-Bryan Quigley, grade 7 It’s Sunday, February 3, 2102,  the day everyone was waiting for–the Super Bowl. The San Francisco 49ers,the favorite by 3 points was playing the Baltimore Ravens. The game was off to a quick start. Baltimore’s quarterback Joe Flacco threw a strike to Anquan Boldin for a touchdown–Ravens 7, 49ers 0. Then […]