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Meet the Press: Julia M., Well-Rounded Reporter

-Emma F., grade 7   The Daily Protector is lucky to have a writer like Julia M.on the press!  She has written several articles: many informing about events around Saint Joseph the Protector School, a persuasive article on Christmas trees, and an article about the school mascot, Joey the Guardian.  Julia should be especially proud about […]

Hawaiian 101: Aloha!

-Graceanne C., grade 6 I was born and lived in Hilo, Hawaii (in the Big Island) for most of my childhood. I learned a lot there, like the language, how to dance the hula ( don’t ask! ) and most of its history. In this column,  I am going to teach you a little about the Hawaiian […]

Meet the Staff: Sixth Grade Teacher Mrs.McGeer Turns Learning into Fun

-Graceanne C., grade 6 Meet Mrs.McGeer, the teacher of 6th grade and homeroom teacher of Room 305. Mrs. McGeer teaches religion, math, and social studies. Her favorite subject to teach are religion and math. As a religion teacher, she has a favorite Bible story, the story of Jacob and Esau. Also her favorite  book in the Bible […]

Fantastic Fashion: Spring into Formal Events

-Jordan F., grade 6 Some formal events are very strict about what you have to wear.  An example is a black tie event.  In the occasion of a black tie event, you don’t have to wear black, but you do have to be very dressed up.  Right now, most women are wearing baby blue lace […]

Meet the Press: Julia McNally, Writing Wizard

-Julia M, grade 6 Fifth grader Julia McNally is a not only an excellent student at Saint Joseph the Protector School, but she is also a reporter for The Daily Protector. It’s no surprise that Julia enjoys to read and write, but she does other activities such as softball, track, basketball, and Irish dancing. She […]