Literary Corner

Lost in 100

-a hundred-day story by DP fourth grade reporters In Glenside, Pennsylvania there were two StJP students named Scott and Terry. They were both in 8th grade, and their dream since they were first graders was to put a StJP flag on the moon.  One day, they were all ready to go, when they noticed they […]

Creative Classroom: Bio Poem

-Grace M., grade 7 wrote a poem about herself in a format called a bio poem. Grace Friendly, nice, kind Daughter of Christine and Matthew Who loves hanging with friends, enjoys reading good books, and likes summer vacation Who appreciates weeks at the beach with family, adores playing field hockey, and goes to Mass every […]

Bucktooth Chicken part #5 : Party Time

  When we last saw Bucktooth Chicken, A. C. (Animal Control) had accidentally carried Mr. Brown away. Bucktooth Chicken and Roasted Rooster were talking with their new friends, Silly Goose and Farm-Bot quietly on the farm. “Hey, why don’t we throw a party in Mr. Brown’s house since nobody is home,” suggested Bucktooth Chicken. “What […]

Bucktooth Chicken: The Prologue

     – a continuing story by Tyler W., and Andrew M., grade 4 Once upon a time, on Bucktooth Island, on the Brown farm, a new chick was born. Mama Chicken and Papa Chicken were very happy, but this wasn’t any ordinary chick. When the chick spit out the binky in his mouth, he had […]

The History of Hard Work

a short, ironic story written by Caitlin F. Grade 8 Tick…Tick…Tick… The second hand on the clock above Casey’s cluttered desk was moving so slowly that it appeared to have moved back a few seconds rather than forwards. Casey lay in her bed, sprawled out over the disheveled surface, and sighed a long, heavy sigh. […]

Poetry Corner – Haiku and Villanelle

– Ethan L., grade 7 The two following pieces of poetry complement each other, but they look so different. They are written in two different styles of poetry. One of these is well known, the Haiku, and the other is very rare, the Villanelle. Hope you enjoy! The Villanelle is a French style of poetry that follows […]

Thoughts About The Riddle of Penncroft Farm

Thoughts About The Riddle of Penncroft Farm

a book review by Jennifer M., grade 5 The Riddle of Penncroft Farm is a  summer reading book for students going into sixth grade. The author is Dorothea Jensen.  It is recommended for children ages 10-14, but  it is a perfect book for anyone over the age of 10. The main character of The Riddle […]

Blackstar: File 3

a continuing story by Luke W., grade 6 I was so surprised my mouth wouldn’t work. Who was this guy and why did he care why I was on this island? But most of all, why did he look like if I made one wrong move, he would personally throw me into the ocean? “I’m […]

Rosy Finkle’s Adventures: Rosy Wins the Gold

-Margaux R.,  grade 5 When Rosy was only 3-years-old, when she decided she wanted to be in the Junior Olympics. She started training when she was only 7-years-old. Her coach Nannsie trained her for the best sport there is–Track & Field! Rosy tried out for the Junior Olympics when she was 8, but did not […]

I Wonder…

-Caitlin F.  grade 7 On Sunday, my mom had to go out and get cookies for a party.  She told my siblings and me that she would get each of us some type of dessert.  My sister asked for a Boston Cream doughnut and I thought, “Why are they called Boston Cream doughnuts?”   “What […]