In the Blink of an Eye

-Sara Stoud, grade 6

“Can you imagine?” one sixth grader said to another. “We’re going to be in seventh grade next year!”

The 2016- 2017 StJP school year is racing to the finish line. Everyone has been through so much this year–new experiences,  new laughs, and new fun while making new friends, and cherishing  the memories made with them. It is incredible to know that it is already almost June and throughout this time we have created educated minds, that have helped us this year. As the classes grow older, we learn how to cooperate with other people, and take responsibility into our hands. StJP students learned continuously  throughout the year that  love and faith will prevail over all.

Now as the school year comes to a halt, StJP has some exciting activities planned. First, on Tuesday the thirtieth of May, the school will hold their annual spring concert.  The band will play songs, some of which they won first place for when the school went our music trip. band picThe Chorus will sing songs which include a breathtaking piece called “Give me Wings,” sung by the seventh and eighth grade chorus group. Also the chorus will be singing multiple pieces, including an acapella song called “Si Si Kushangalia”  Other pieces consist of a jazzy tune talking about the Underground Railroad, called “The Drinking Gourd.”  Then the Chorus will perform “Homeward Bound” featuring soloists Carter. S and Nora. F.chorus

The day after the concert, Barnes and Nobles will opened its doors for a book fair set up for StJP! There you could find summer reading books for all grades, and some of the treasures that Barnes and Nobles keeps on their shelves. b&N sign

StJP will also be participating in their Field Day! Teams of Blue and Gold colors will race to the end of different games challenges and activities. It is sure to be a day of fun whether Blue or
Gold takes the trophy.field day

As the StJP year comes to a close, it is incredible how much the school has grown and how much each individual has grown in their own way. While StJP says its goodbyes, packs up, and starts to close its doors for the summer, everyone will remember the memories they created, the friends they have made and the love they shared throughout the year. Even as the year has gone by so fast, we must not forget what we have created and the way StJP shows it–through love.

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