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Bucktooth Chicken #8: The Squirrels

–Tyler W., grade 4 When we last saw Bucktooth Chicken, he, Roasted Rooster, Silly Goose, and Farm-Bot drove to a town in the farmer’s tractor and they almost crashed into a birdhouse. The birds, their new friends, and Farm-Bot were about to get captured in an A.C. net. The A.C. net was just about to […]

Bucktooth Chicken part #7 : Downtown

–Tyler W., grade 4 When we last saw Bucktooth Chicken, he and the others had just escaped Mr. Brown’s house. The farmer had watched the video from his security camera in his house so he called Animal Control to track Bucktooth Chicken down. The birds ran and ran until they couldn’t run any longer. They […]

Creative Classrooms: Visting Greenland

In a fifth grade Social Studies projects, students were to design a powerpoint presentation with embedded links on the country of Greenland.  -Megan M., grade 5

Creative Classroom: Backstage!

In sixth grade, the Language Arts students were asked to write a personal narrative, a personal story written in the first person. -Gwen N., grade 6 Have you ever seen a musical production and pondered what the actors are thinking? I can tell you the answer firsthand. I have been in seven plays, so far, and […]

Creative Classrooms: Character Comparision Essay

In a recent fifth grade Language Arts assignment, students were asked to compare two literary character they met in their reading anthology.  -Mia MacDonald, grade 5                                                          Hsiang-Ling […]