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New Teachers on the Block

-Sara S., grade 6 We all know there are many new students here at StJP, but what about the the new teachers? There are four new teachers, so let’s meet them! Mrs. Sweeney loves it here at StJP. She finds it very welcoming and friendly. At first, she was little nervous about taking on a […]

Jim and Tim, Day 1

-a continuing story by Jamie K., grade 4 Jim and Tim are pretty much ordinary people, except that they save the day.  They live in an underground sewer, and when they need to get up, they have the Once Here then There machine. One day, Tim was walking and saw a store being robbed. He […]

Lunch in the Library

-Ella W., grade 4 Lunch in the library is so much fun. There are so many things you can do at lunch in the library. You can do research on a Chrome Book, or you can pratcice your multiplication tables on the iPads, which is very helpful when preparing for math class. You can also check out a book, or […]