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About Us

Since 2012, The Daily Protector is a news blog for the students, staff, family and parishes of St. Joseph the Protector School in Glenside, Pennsylvania. Our name was the suggestion of Callum S. Our logo design is the work of Emma F., who graduated in 2015.

The purpose of our newspaper is to keep our community aware of the events in our school as we “imagine the future” of our Catholic education.

Students in grades 4-8 are welcome to participate. Some students are regular columnists, while other students contribute when they want to participate. We meet every other Wednesday at lunchtime (12:10-12:50).

Younger students can contribute by sending their ideas for stories to our email (see below). Students who give us ideas will be mentioned in the byline!

Comments, questions, or suggestions?

Meet the 2016-17 Staff:

Nicholas D. is in 4th grade. Hi favorite thing to do is play video games when not in school. His favorite thing to do in school is to write for The Daily Protector.








Jamie K. is a fourth grader who likes art class. He also likes music and plays the guitar.


Ella W. is a fourth grader who likes art, writing, and the library. She is the author of the first article of the 2016-17 school year.IMG_0428.jpg


Sara S is in sixth grade. She loves to swim and ride her bike. Sara also enjoys acting in the school play, singing, and dancing.


Megan M., grade 6, plays trumpet in the band, and is in Honors Math. She acts, sings, and is in the Art Workshop program. She is very creative and plays volleyball.IMG_0439.jpg





Jenn M is an eighth grader at StJP. She likes the arts programs aIMG_0440.jpgnd enjoys playing softball, volleyball, the clarinet and tenor saxophone.


Mary Kate M. is an eighth grader who sings beautifully and is also a great actor and friIMG_0442.jpgend. MK’s favorite part of StJP is the music program.






Eamon F is an eighth grade reporter who especially likes Mr.Baldasano’s ELA class. When he is not in school, he enjoys riding his bike all over IMG_0441.jpgtown.


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