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  a poem by Tessa S., grade 5 The wall stands there Blocking my words Letting no one hear me If I could chip away that wall… Maybe someday I could speak my mind But for now I’m still stuck behind it Advertisements

Attention: Missing Gecko!

-Julia M.  grade 5  Mrs. O’Neill room 301’s class had a class pet. She was a gecko named Kit-Kat. Kit-Kat went missing on the morning of  November 27th. She is yellow and looks like a banana peel. Kit-Kat does not have a tail. Most of you know what it’s like losing a pet, so if […]

A Poem That Makes You Think

-Tessa S., grade 5 Clear Skies The confused see the stars The untroubled see the Sun  The troubled see the inky blackness What do you see when you look up in the sky?


-Tabby F., grade 6 Fall is very nice, But here is some advice. If there is a hurricane, There might be a lot of rain. The one that hit us was named Sandy,  she wasn’t very dandy. Halloween is near, It fills all with happy fear. Candy pours in from baskets Almost filling full-sized caskets! […]

A Thrilling Perfomance

-Julia M., grade 6 On November seventh, Father Fitzpatrick Hall was filled with dancing, Halloween spirit, and an amazed crowd. The seventh and eighth graders danced to the music of classic Halloween songs. This tradition started at Immaculate Conception School, but it was passed on to Saint Joseph the Protector. It was a new and […]

Bizzare November Holidays

-Tabby F., grade 6 When most people think of November holidays, they think of Thanksgiving and Veterans Day. But there are a lot of other holidays many people don’t know about. Did you know that there is a National Fig Week? What about Air Day? These are just some of the many strange holidays celebrated by […]

St. Luke Volleyball Team Wins Last Game of the Season

-Julia M. and Kay N., grade 5 The Saint Luke CYO volleyball team was warming up for their last game of the season. They were bumping, setting, and spiking! When the other team (St. John of Rochester) arrived, they were ready to play! St. Luke’s team had a good start but the other team was […]