The New Year’s Newsies: Is it Really Worth It?

by: Caitlin F.  Grade 8 “…3…2…1…HAPPY NEW YEAR!”  The sound of pots and pans, clanging loudly in the dark of night, travels ferociously on the crisp, January breeze.  Fireworks boom and illuminate the pitch black sky with their brilliant colors, exploding in celebration of the New Year ahead.  The New Year is certainly a time […]

Editorial: The Conflicting Christmas Crazies

– Caitlin F. Grade 7 When I hear the word “Christmas,” I think of things such as presents, Santa Claus, and snow.  As a Christian, I shouldn’t be focused so much on the material things of Christmas but on the religious meaning of the holiday.  The meaning of Christmas for me is that God has now […]

Editorial: The Conflicting Christmas Crazies

-Julia M. , grade 7 Do material things add to the religious meaning of Christmas? As you drive down the road during the weeks leading to Christmas, look around. Reindeer figures, blinking lights, and Nativity scenes crowd lawns. Through windows you can see beautifully decorated Christmas trees. The only shows on television are Christmas specials […]

The National Shutdown: What is it?

-Ethan L, grade 6 The date is September 30 of 2013, and what happened 18 years ago is about to happen again. With the House Of Representatives led by the Republicans and the Senate led by the Democrats, the 2013-2014 Congressional Spending Plan is being written.  The House will not pass it unless they can […]