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Fantastic Fashion: New Sportswear for Spring

-Jordan F., grade 6 Fun fashion looks mix up and create new designs for different kinds of people. Today Fantastic Fashion column is focusing  on new sports wear for spring. The top clothes for most sports in the spring are spandex or Under Armour leggings,  accompanied by a nice colorful short-sleeved shirt that fits your […]

Twinx and Winx: Don’t Feel Rejected!

Hey it’s Twinx and Winx, the authors of  The Daily Protector‘s new advice column! This is one of the questions we received this week: Dear Twinx and Winx, Sometimes when I say that I haven’t done something, or I have never heard of something, people say things like ” What?” or “Huh!”. It makes me […]

Joke of the Week

-Mary Kate J., grade 6 Hi everyone! I’m new to the newspaper but hopefully I’ll do this right. Every week, there will be a new joke posted on The Daily Protector Home page. This will be called the joke of the week. Some of the jokes are regular jokes, but others may be a riddle. […]

Light, Shadow, Action

-Owen B., grade 6, reporter and AW artist Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, about eleven eager students arrive at the Immaculate Conception School art room for another lesson of Art Workshop. Here their artistic skills develop under the direction of Mrs. Elena Cipolla, a local Jenkintown artist. This semester’s theme, Light and Shadow, taught the […]

TDP’s New Advice Column: Twinx and Winx!

Coming soon to The Daily Protector!! Do you….. HAVE….a problem? NEED…advice? ASK Twinx and Winx! To submit your question, send a paper labeled “Twinx and Winx” with your problem on it to the school office or e-mail it to Questions should be adressed to Twinx and Winx and signed with a name that relates […]

Introducing Joey the Guardian

-Julia M. grade 6 Tabby F., grade 6, also contributed to this article. The whole school held their breath as the announcement over the loudspeaker was spoken. “The winner of the mascot contest is Tabitha and Julia.” A cheer erupted from the two sixth graders’ classroom. Many students took part in this school-wide contest. Each […]

Sports Editorial: 76er’s Andrew Bynum, Should He Stay or Should He Go?

-Bryan Q., grade 7, responds to a Phildelphia Inquirer sports article (The editorial Bryan is responding to is “Time for the 76ers to Cut the Cord on Andrew Bynum.) The Philadelphia 76ers participated in a four team trade over the summer of 2012. The Sixers traded Andre Iguodala to the Denver Nuggets, Nikola Vucevic, Mo […]