Three Reasons to Join the Spring Musical

-Mary Kate M., grade 8

Editor’s note: This week StJP students have the opportunity to audition for the annual spring musical. A Daily Protector reporter and  actress shares her thoughts on the experience.

Students who decide to become part of StJP’s spring musical probably have a variety of reasons why they want to join the cast and crew. Below are three, simple and straight-forward reasons for being part of this great activity.


Pictured above: Some of the cast from last spring’s production of Beauty and the Beast.

  1. Experience: The minute you step backstage you feel joyful, as you see the cast gathered around in groups, laughing and playing games with one another. During rehearsals, the cast are not afraid to be themselves. While preparing the musical, the cast plays games that help them learn, but also gives everyone  a good laugh or two. “The school musical is so much fun. It is a place where we can learn and grow, not only musically, but as people,” commented eighth grader, Jenn M.
  2. Improving Theater Skills: Throughout rehearsals, you learn more and more about how to put on a breathtaking production.  Cast members are also taught by director Miss Cherewaty how to use theater terms. For example, if a stage manager says, “You’re on in two minutes,” you respond with “Thank you, two.” This is just one of the many examples that teach the cast more about theater in general.
  3. Family: The moment you sign up for the musical, you become part of a family. Throughout this amazing experience, not only do you get to have fun with your friend, but you get to meet new people. After a while, you know these people so well. By opening night, you are not just friends, you are not just actors, you are a family, sharing this wonderful experience together.  A cast members noted, “Joining the play was a great way for me to hang out with my other friends, but a great way to make new ones.”

Consider being a part of the spring musical here at StJP!

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