Ronald Regan, A Great Guy

-Sara S, grade 6

Recently, I have been inspired by a man who has inspired many people before me. His name is Ronald Regan. Regan  made a huge professional switch from an actor, (and a very good one at that) to governor, to President of the United States of America.


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In sixth grade we have to research someone and get the information on them, so I selected  Up Close: Ronald Regan, Political Star, A Twentieth-century Life by James Sutherland  from the library. After I did the research, I had time to page through the book. I was sucked into the world of Regan’s life and why so many people love him so much. I thought since I loved reading about him in a 229 page book, you could learn why in a short article based on the information from this book.

Ronald Regan was born in the small-town of Dixon, Illinois. He was named Ronald but as he grew older his nickname was Dutch. His father said when he was very young that Regan looked like ” A fat little Dutchman,” and the name stuck with him for most of his life. Jack his father, dealt with severe alcoholism. It is said that children with alcoholic  parents seem to be shy, lonely, and insecure, and for a long while Regan was. Until Regan found a true passion, something that he would keep with him, and love for the rest of his life. This true passion was one simple thing–acting.

Most people do not really think of Ronald Regan as an actor, singing and dancing. People think of him saying a speech in front of a microphone; but he was a very good actor. His English teacher got him interested and Regan loved it ever since. Believe it or not, Regan talked his way into the college! Ronald went to see the dean of students, and after hearing about his financial situation, the dean had him talk to the football coach, who gave him a ninety dollar-a-year scholarship to play football and swim on the swim team. While he was at Eureka, Regan  began participating in a wide range of extracurricular activities. For instance, for two years, he was in the Student Senate, three years as a basketball cheerleader, three years as president of the Eureka Booster Club, and two years as a yearbook features editor. During his last year, he was elected student body President, and captain of the swim team.

Sooner or later Regan needed a job, so he went into the  radio broadcasting business. He became well-known for his sports broadcasts, and was able to call a baseball game like no other. After a  year or two in the broadcasting business, he still wanted to become a big movie star, and he played many important roles that still inspire me today. My favorite character that Regan played  was “The Gipper.” As a big Notre Dame fan,  I find this role inspiring and I love how it was based on a true story. I found it very sympathetic and caring of Regan that he brought his father, who was a very big Notre Dame fan, to the premiere. Regan later wrote that it was the happiest day in his father’s life. When they got back his father said “I was there… when our son became a star.” As Regan kept up with his acting career, he became very interested in politics. Then, something crazy shocked everyone. Since Regan was so interested in the form of politics, he ran for governor.

Regan surprised everyone with his victory and his job switch and loved being the governor of Sacramento, California. After his eight years in office, he decided to run for President. He ran against Jim Carter, and he later wrote many things about how it was to run against the former president. Some people thought Regan was too old, but he could change America and make it a better place. While Jim Carter looked hopeless, Regan had a calm, laid-back personality which made America feel safe. Regan was sworn in on January 20, 1981 and made a big impact on America.

From all the videos and research I  have found,  He made the Americans  feel safe, he got us through the tough times, he made us laugh until we cry, and his quotes inspired us. He made our country think as he did that, ” Life is one big song, so start the music.”




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