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Catholic School’s Week: My Life at StJP

A speech written for the commencement of Catholic School’s Week by Julia M., grade eight. Good evening. My name is Julia Mayro, and I am part of the eighth grade class at Saint Joseph the Protector School. I have enjoyed Catholic education all of my life,  and I have been a part of my current Catholic […]

The Time of My Life: Why I Appreciate Catholic Schools

A speech written for the opening of Catholic Schools Week by: Caitlin F.  Grade 8 Good afternoon.  I am Caitlin Fitzpatrick, and I am in eighth grade at St. Joseph the Protector School.  I have been a part of my Catholic School community for 3 years, previously attending St. Luke’s School for 6 years, and it’s […]

The New Year’s Newsies: Is it Really Worth It?

by: Caitlin F.  Grade 8 “…3…2…1…HAPPY NEW YEAR!”  The sound of pots and pans, clanging loudly in the dark of night, travels ferociously on the crisp, January breeze.  Fireworks boom and illuminate the pitch black sky with their brilliant colors, exploding in celebration of the New Year ahead.  The New Year is certainly a time […]

The Winter Carnival is Coming!

Jennifer M., grade 6 Shouts of joy and laughter are heard from across the room. Children carrying bags of goldfish roam Father Fitzpatrick Hall. Wafting towards you is the smell of buttery popcorn, pizza, and other delicious treats. You can feel the excitement in the room as you wait in line to spin the big […]