For Reporters and Editors

Writing tips:

  • Be as descriptive as possible
  • Include a snappy headline that will grab your reader.
  • Include important details such as dates, time, location of events
  • Try to get a quote from someone who attended or participated in the event you are covering.
  • When interviewing, be sure to have at least 5 basic questions that may lead you to learn more about the subject of your article.
  • Read your work out loud when you have finished your article. Often, you can find your errors when you hear them!
  • Remember that this work is your own and should be your best! You are representing our school in a very visible way.
  • If you have researched a topic, you should include your source in the article.
  • Check your mail after submitting your work. Mrs. C. will review and make suggestions first. Once she edits your work, it cannot be changed.

Editor tips:

When reviewing an article consider the following:

1. Is there a “lead” in the opening paragraph (a descriptive sentence which previews for the reader the topic of the article).

2. Is there a snappy headline? Make sure it is short and effective.

3. Since you will be editing younger students’ work, you do not want to totally change their work. Look for misspellings or incorrect vocabulary. Otherwise, let the article reflect the reporter.

4. Make sure you have a byline for the article (student’s first name, grade)

5. Hit “Save as a Draft” or “Pending Review” when you complete the edit.

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