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Choosing The Perfect High School 

-Matteo B., grade 8 As you know, the eighth grade students at StJP are finishing up their last, most important year in grade school. They are going through the process of choosing the high school where they will thrive the most and start becoming a disciplined adult. In high school, these students will discover the […]

Have You Ever Wondered…..

-Sean M., grade 4 Have you ever wondered how much money it would cost if you actually bought all the gifts in the famous song The 12 Days of Christmas? Well, you can stop!   Prices:   Partridge: $25 Pear tree: $189.99 A partridge in a pear tree: $214.99 Two turtle doves: $290 Three french […]

Bucktooth Chicken part #4

When we last saw Bucktooth Chicken, Mr.Brown was going to get rid of him because Mr.Brown thought he was digging in his trash and making a mess of his farm. As Farmer Brown was calling Animal Control, Farm-Bot was able to listen into the call and warn Bucktooth Chicken. In a short time the dreaded […]

Bucktooth Chicken #3: The Adventure Goes On

by Tyler W. and Andrew M. grade 4 It was another  day on the Brown farm. The pigs were taking mud baths while the tractor trimmed the grass, but Bucktooth Chicken and Roasted Rooster were up to something… They were in the farmer’s junkyard looking for old treasures. ”Look what I found,” said Bucktooth Chicken. […]

Bucktooth Chicken, Part 2

a continuing story by Tyler W. and Andrew M. grade 4 When we last saw Bucktooth Chicken he had just been sold to the petting zoo. People from all over were coming to see him ( including a bird expert).”There’s no such thing as a Bucktooth Galapagos,” said the expert. “You have all been fooled!” […]

A Blast from the Past: Art Workshop Students Illustrate the Beauty of Immaculate Conception Church

-Jennifer M. grade 7 Immaculate Conception Church is having a year of celebration for their 150th anniversary. A parish Mass on October 21st started this giant commemoration of the sesquicentennial. After the Mass, there was a block party with food and music. But the parish is celebrating in another way too. The Art Workshop, run by Elena Cipolla, created a […]