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Short Story: Rosy Finkle’s Adventures

– a fictional story by Margaux R., grade 5 On a cold snowy morning in the beginning of February in Minnesota, Rosy Finkle was walking to school in her fur coat and ear muffs shaped as little kitty cats. As Rosy walked into the fourth grade classroom, like she did every Monday morning, she saw […]

Reporter “Joe the Pro” Strikes Again!

-Mystery Reporter “Joe the Pro” (Readers, can  you name the StJP student described in this article? Leave your guess by adding a comment to the article.) After I dragged myself out of bed on the sunny September 27th, I put my long, brown hair in a ponytail and slipped on a headband. Ahh, another Friday […]


A poem prayer by an anonymous writer Life is good. Death is bad. But what really makes death so sad? When you die it is a chance to see all of the glories that may be. Heaven is graceful and oh so sweet, just thinking about it is very neat. Whoever dies will go up, they […]

The Stupendous Ms. Stockert!

-Jennifer M., grade 5 A woman sits at a desk doing work in the Honors Math room, or is standing at the white board, demonstrating a math problem to the class. You might imagine that she is just the Honors Math teacher, but you are wrong. She is the stupendous, super, superlative, swell and not […]

The Next “Gen” versus St. Luke’s in a Field Hockey Rematch

  -Collin L., grade 5 This Daily Protector  reporter went to see the St. Luke’s field hockey team play against St. Genevieve. The game was on September 27 at Holy Trinity’s field.  The crowd was cheering for the two teams, and the referee was blowing the whistle. The sticks were banging to get the ball. […]

“All In!” for Casino Night Art Contest

– Margaux R., Grade 5 Casino night is a fundraiser event for parents that is being held on Saturday, November 9, 2013. A contest is being held for the students where they draw a picture that they think demonstrates school spirit.  Anyone can enter! The contest requirements include a half-sized poster board, the use of […]

The National Shutdown: What is it?

-Ethan L, grade 6 The date is September 30 of 2013, and what happened 18 years ago is about to happen again. With the House Of Representatives led by the Republicans and the Senate led by the Democrats, the 2013-2014 Congressional Spending Plan is being written.  The House will not pass it unless they can […]