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Snow Day

-part three of a continuing story by Jennifer M. grade 5 When Molly finally mustered up the courage to knock on Olivia’s door, she suddenly felt a buzzing in her pocket. As quickly as she could with her thick gloves on, she whipped out her battered cell phone and turned it on. Since it was […]

Rosy Finkle’s Adventures: Christmas (Part III)

– a continuing story by Margaux R,  grade 5 Rosy got in to bed without being told because she couldn’t wait till tomorrow, Christmas day. The next morning Rosy ran downstairs with her present in her hand. When she got there, her brother and her parents were already there in the living room, waiting for […]

Blackstar: File 2

a continuing story by Luke W., grade 6 (Editor’s note: When we last saw our superhero, Ember, disguised as Chase Blackstar, he was knocking on the door of his friend Aaron.) I wouldn’t exactly call a punch in the face a warm welcome. I was at Aaron’s apartment but it was definitely not he who […]

Snow Day

– a continuing story by Jennifer M., grade 5 After Molly put on her snow gear, she left her messy room ran down the stairs. Without even telling her parents where or what she was doing, she left the house. When Molly got outside, she realized that no one ahead shoveled her driveway, a steep […]

St. Luke’s Girls Basketball

-mystery reporter Want the scoop on the girls CYO basketball team? Keep reading! The girls on the basketball team are Catherine McFadden, Izzy Krause, Olivia McMichael, Aisling Meenagh, Julia McNally, Mary Kelly, Maggie Priole, Kate Taulane, Haley Lawyer, and Martha Meister. The team’s record is 1 and 2 so far and they have participated in a few Christmas […]

St. Luke’s CYO Basketball: A Team Buds

-Martha M. and Haley L., grade 5 St.Luke’s CYO JV Girls basketball team has recruited two fifth grade players to join their team–Martha M. and Haley L. They were both very excited to be the only 5th  grade girls to make the A team. Both players are expecting to put their blood, sweat, and tears into […]

A Reptar’s Life: Facts about a Seventh Grade Class Pet

~Ainsley M.  grade 5 Reptar is an Australian bearded dragon who lives in room 303. Excitedly Reptar came to Ms. Pio’s seventh grade class of StJP on October 3rd, 2013. Reptar eats 6-10 crickets a day! Reptar got his name from the movie “Rugrats.” Surprisingly Reptar will be about 2 feet long by the time […]