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Fantastic Fashion: My Day at the Beach

-Jordan F., grade 7 Hello everyone. Sorry it has been a while since my last post, but I have some new fashion news about what to wear to the beach.  The beach is a hot spot for vacations so I want to make sure everyone looks good.   Full piece bathing suits are one type of suit […]

The Ukulele

a poem by Tabby F., grade 7 Tiny, yet bright A ball of musical light. They bring joy to the room Destroying all gloom. Bringing Hawaii to the mainland I think I already got a suntan!


a poem by Tabby F., grade 6 Blue is the sky, Blue is the sea, Blue, I feel, is the color of me. The color of a forgetful fish, “Just keep swimming!” Blue is the color of a child’s wish, “I want a…” A color so content and happy, Blue is grey’s grandpappy. The laces of my shoe, […]