New Teachers on the Block

-Sara S., grade 6

We all know there are many new students here at StJP, but what about the the new teachers? There are four new teachers, so let’s meet them!

Mrs. Swdevineeney loves it here at StJP. She finds it very welcoming and friendly. At first, she was little nervous about taking on a middle school setting, but she finds her new 7th grade homeroom comfortable. She is enjoying the grades she teaches vey much. Mrs. Sweeney teaches math for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students and is very fond of it. Over all, she feels welcome and one of the crowd.

Mr.Baldasano is also a new teacher here, and he is a 6th grade homeroom teacher this year. He loves it at StJP! Mr.Baldasano teaches 7th and 8th grade ELA, and he loves the subjects and tjeff-200x150he students he teaches. A fun fact about Mr. Baldasano is that he is also a huge Star Wars fan and can talk about the books and movies for hours! He finds the people at StJP very friendly and that they have welcomed him with open arms. He is happy with the middle school setting, and his encouraging words to students (via Star Wars) is, “Do or do not, there is no try.”

samMs.McGinley is the new, friendly 6th grade ELA teacher. She encourages her students in a “stress free zone,” by showing them that school can be a fun environment. She has the
students work together in group activities where they have a good time learning. Every day Ms.McGinley starts the class with a journal to get her students’ creative juices flowing. She remarked, ELA is my favorite subject so why can’t I make it fun?

Ms.McGinley is enjoying her time here at StJP so far, and is looking forward to the upcoming year. She encourages her students and has a good time with them. She noted,
“Being the new teacher on the block isn’t too bad.”

Mrs.Burkholder is the new librarian here at StJP. Some students may already know her
since her oldest child is in 6th grade, her middle child in 4th, and her second youngest child is in 1st grade. Mrs.Burkholder loves teaching and loves the library setting.
She told The Daily Protector, “Sister Sondra and Mrs. Ortaloni have made this [experience] amazing!” She loves being the new librarian here and loves to teach. Mrs.
Burkholder is in the library for every grade, but for 6th grade, she holds a study skills class, helping the students prepare for tests and stay organized. Mrs. Burkholder loves to read, and encourages her students to do the same.erin

StJP has 4 new teachers on the block who love it here and are having a great time as well. Be sure to say hello to our new faces on the faculty!


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