Jim and Tim, Day 1

-a continuing story by scanJamie K., grade 4

Jim and Tim are pretty much ordinary people, except that they save the day.  They live in an underground sewer, and when they need to get up, they have the Once Here then There machine.

One day, Tim was walking and saw a store being robbed. He ran, he jumped, and he broke his arm!  The ambulance came and took Tim to the hospital. Later that day Jim came to see Tim, but he wasn’t there!

Jim went to the window to see if he could see Tim, and he saw a person kidnapping him. Jim jumped out the window and chased after the kidnapper, but it was too late. The kidnapper drove away in his car! Jim ran and ran and ran, and then, he found the kidnapper’s secret cave!

The kidnapper locked Tim in a cage, pulled a lever, and his cage rose high in the air with all the other hundreds of heros! Jim was so mad. He ran in, locked the kidnapper in a cage, and freed all the other heros, including Tim.

Jim and Tim went back to their sewer and hung out there for the rest of the day.

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